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Laboratory of Systemic Bioengineering in Animal Husbandry

Head of the Laboratory

Serhii Anatoliyovych Petrov – Doctor of biological scienses, professor

Contact Information: +38 (067) 250-65-29

Main Directions of Scientific Activity:

  • Fundamental research aimed at elucidating the molecular mechanisms of regulating the adaptability, resistance, stress tolerance, and productivity of large cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry to global climate change and technological features of agricultural production.
  • Development of artificial intelligence systems for predicting the genetic characteristics of farm animals and improving their productivity.
  • Applied research aimed at implementing modern animal husbandry technologies for product manufacturing, taking into account the existing infrastructure for feed production, animal maintenance, pasture safety, logistics, breeding base, and resilience of the livestock.
  • Development of an electronic herd management system (automatic registration and data processing for all animals, considering their biological characteristics).
  • Formation of animal databases for analyzing their structure, economically valuable traits, planning breeding and genetic work, and addressing a range of issues related to their conservation and utilization.
  • Study of selection efficiency in fine-fleece sheep breeding through the evaluation of line combination ability and the investigation of the formation of productive traits in sheep through crossbreeding. In recent years, specialization in working with Askanian fine-fleece sheep and the application of meat breeds such as Texel and Merinolandshaf has been emphasized.
  • Training of highly qualified scientific personnel.
  • Enhancement of qualifications for agricultural specialists.
  • Information and advisory services for agricultural producers in Ukraine.


Key Scientific Achievements of Researchers:

  • Investigation of the fundamental biological manifestations of oxidative stress in pigs and the study of its course characteristics depending on the type of higher nervous activity, ontogeny period, physiological state, and level of productivity.
  • Study of the spread of antibiotic-resistant properties of microorganisms, antibiotics, and mycotoxins in the environment through livestock production, including milk from cattle.
  • Compilation of a database on the impact of global climate change on productive animals (heat stress, thermoregulation, productivity, reproduction, mortality).
  • Proposal to use the fatty acid composition of milk from productive animals to determine the intensity of the influence of radionuclides, pathogenic microorganisms, and other factors on the mammary gland. This involves conducting chromatographic analysis of mammary gland secretions to determine the intensity of the release of specific fatty acids.
  • Collaboration with researchers from the National University “Odesa Polytechnic” to test the first element of artificial intelligence – an animal state sensor. This sensor measures the animal’s body temperature and heart rate. Data and analytics can be easily uploaded to a special application that can be used via a smartphone or computer.

Proposals for Collaboration:

  • Conducting livestock assessment, lambing, sheep shearing, flock formation (for selective purposes), mating season, and young animal separation.
  • Development of breeding plans and projects/modules for creating closed-cycle farms.
  • Wool classification services for different types.

Since 2011, under the guidance of laboratory staff, 5 doctoral dissertations have been defended in the fields of “biochemistry” and “physiology of humans and animals.”

 Publication activities during last 5 years

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