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Scientific Center for Genetics, Breeding, Seed Production and Rice Technology

The Scientific Center for Rice Genetics, Breeding, Seed Production and Technology is the only center in Ukraine that works with this crop, which is important for human nutrition.

The territory of Ukraine is the northernmost limit of the world’s range of production of rice crops, which requires defining the differences and peculiarities of the technology of growing this crop.

The scientists of our department are faced with the task of scientifically substantiating and developing methodological approaches for the formation of highly productive rice agrocenoses and innovative technologies for its cultivation under conditions of climatic changes in the Southern Steppe of Ukraine.

The creation of new varieties of rice that would meet the modern requirements of farmers and appeal to processors and consumers is one of the main tasks of scientists. In the register of plant varieties of Ukraine, allowed for cultivation in 2023, in addition to rice varieties bred in Ukraine, rice varieties originating from Turkey are registered, which creates competition in the seed market and requires domestic agricultural science to create varieties that will have better properties than foreign

We also monitor the ecological and remedial state of the soils in rice crop rotations for the theoretical substantiation of the scientific and methodical principles of sustainable fertility management, assess the quality of irrigation water and its effect on the soils of rice crop rotations, develop recommendations for the use of new elements of the technology of growing this crop in accordance with natural and climatic conditions Southern Ukraine.